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Soon starting in Pisotia DIVA 4, 3 year course for  - HAIRSTYLIST For info: Contact Anna Curatolo,, 351/3995125.

24-01-2024 :

Two new free vocational trainig courses (3 years) - Beautitian - Shop assistant  Courses start in september 2024, enrollment from february 2024 information: IAL Toscana srl, Via Benedetto Dei 2/A, Firenze. 055.3215240,

18-01-2024 :

Survey to assess the vocational training needs of the students  > Link al Questionario

30-10-2023 :

BASIC CARE WORKER III european qualification level   Italian language lev. A2 Italian and foreing adult citizens   900 hours ingcluding 400 hours internship afternoon classes – 3 days a week  information-registration  email:  appointments: Tel. 055 366809, Prof.ssa A. Bianco  

07-08-2023 :

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04-10-2022 :

Certificates of attendance will be issued only by e-mail. For applications write to   a   Hard copy originals of diplomas will be issued by appointment. For applications write to  a

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01-03-2021 :

The Didactic Laboratories of the prison section continue..... in collaboration with the cultural institutions of the territory, from Stil Novo to Contemporaneity:   Palazzo Strozzi Workshop - We Rise by Lifting Others     Discovering Dante behind bars

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Are available at the link: the Covid Protocol and the operational guidelines for the management of SARS-CoV-2 cases and outbreaks in schools and childhood education servicesthe

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